Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day Eight: Over the Edge

With Erin and Craig both fighting off colds, they were happy to wake up to the sounds of a downpour on their roof. Thus absolving them of any responsibility to do anything to make the most of their day.

After a leisurely morning Craig felt confident enough to hike out to the Blue Nile Falls, while Erin made the wiser decision to recover further (Craig is now worse). The falls were as impressive as the food Craig and Erin shared for dinner was terrible. Dinner consisted of 3 thin slabs of lukewarm, overcooked, tilapia from the lake; along with cold crispy potatoes, and chilly rice.

On our last non-travel day in Ethiopia came to a close we realized we had maybe set too ambitious a pace and were ready for a reset in Kenya where we will hopefully be able to take things more slowly.

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