Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day Ten: Jambo! Third Times a Charm

Today we flew to Kenya, at the fantastic hour of 4am. Not feeling challenged enough on four hours sleep, we decided to attempt getting to our hostel via public transportation. This proved simple enough at first - we found the downtown shuttle, gloated over our saved cash, and found our next bus with little difficulty. But things started to fall apart when the ticket taker told us to get off too early. Thinking we had actually gone too FAR, we caught the bus in the opposite direction (this ticket guy also nodded that he knew where we were looking for). Before we knew it, we were back downtown again! Feeling discouraged, we weighed our options, but again got back on Matatu 46 hoping that this reassuring ticket taker actually knew our road. Thankfully, he did, and on the third attempt found the "Upperhill Campsite."

Our Delux Safari Tent awaited us...thick canvas with a tiny lamp inside that barely lit the corner. But the bed had a frame and was comfortable, so although cosy, we were glad to be in our new home. We enjoyed a relaxing day and even better, the best sleep we've probably had since we've been here. Yay!

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