Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Twenty-Six: Preparing for Gorillas

Hummingbirds are lazy here.
They are in fact not even hummingbirds.
It was so relaxing to wake up knowing that we didn't need to go anywhere or arrange anything. Add that to the amazing views and the sounds of the jungle and we were set for the day. We had a slow-paced breakfast in the open-air restaurant overlooking the valley. Our room overlooked a clearing in the forest where gorillas were said to walk through, we thus spent the rest of the day lazying on our porch with our eyes peeled for wildlife. Sometime after mid-day we spotted a monkey in the tree not far from our hut. We watched it climb about and slowly move closer to us. We were able to capture a great look at it's face to discover that it's a blue monkey. We also saw a Black-fronted Duiker, a small animal similar to an antelope and a traditional favourite of the local Batwa people (pygmies).

By then our European friends were back from their hike. We invited them down to watch with us and together we spotted l'Hoest monkeys and a squirrel-weaselly thing that did not appear in the African Mammals book our friends had.

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