Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Twenty-Two: Getting Sloshed

This morning we headed out to town to find snacks and a bank. We felt so pleased with ourselves with the amount of walking we've done and the money we've saved using public transit. Ugandans so far seem very friendly and polite and we haven't been hassled to take rides or buy things.

Having accomplished our tasks for the day, we were looking forward to an afternoon at Lake Victoria's beach. A wrench was thrown in our plans when we got caught in a torrential downpour on our way back from town. We still managed to sink our toes into the sand for a brief moment and have dinner overlooking the lake after wringing out our clothes. Oddly enough, this meal was actually the closest we've had to traditonal Canadian "pub food." We had dry ribs - goat ribs. They were delicious!

While we ate we took in the sights and kept an eye on the huge scavenging, hideous maribu storks patrolling the beach like cranky old men, and spied on a group of local teenagers/20-somethings swimming in the water. We observed many love affairs, girls and guys posing seductively in the surf, and some interesting improvised (ill-fitting) bathing suits.

In the evening we sampled the only snacks that we were able to find. A Kenyan wine that was made from strawberries (plus artificial fruit flavouring and colour). We also found (and have since drank) a wine Uganda made from hibiscus and pineapple.Making us 3 for 3 with sampling local wine from the countries we've visited.

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