Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 35: Somehow Camping Turned Into This...

Getting back to nature...
(Note: You can click this link to follow our journey through google maps, the map will be updated along the way and the pins will contain links to the relevant entries, you can always find the link at the top of the sidebar)

After baulking at the $50/pp price tag on a 4 hour hike, or $70/pp for tracking Angolan Colobus Monkeys we decided to take it easy for the day. To set the stage for later regarding just how different our day ended up being from how it was planned weeks ago, we had been planning on camping in the middle of the forest in a rented tent and hiking through rough jungle all day. We changed our plans so that we could go chimpanzee tracking for day 36 (spoiler alert).

Our relaxing day began when our wonderfully friendly hotel jack-of-all-trades, K. Sam (We feel badly that we never learned what the K was), knocked on our door to let us know that the Colobus monkeys mentioned above were making their way through the hotel grounds. We rushed outside still in our pj's to see these playful creatures without forking out $140 and spent the next 45 minutes following them around the grounds as they wrestled, chased, and groomed each other on the grass, fence, and in the trees. Erin even spotted the Dent's Mona monkey that joined the Colobus family of over 60 individuals 6 years ago. Elated with the great start to the day we sat down for breakfast, halfway through realizing we were still not properly dressed.

After breakfast we continued the most relaxing day of the trip by walking a few beautiful kilometres to a five star resort where we bought lunch (4 courses) and a few drinks which had the added benefit of giving us access to their infinity pool overlooking the jungle for the whole sunny day. As the actual guests were off hiking we had the pool area to ourselves almost the entire day.

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