Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 236: Back on Solid Ground

It was hard to truly say goodbye to such an incredible experience and move on with our final two and a half months. We have things to look forward to for sure, but hitting the road after Antarctica certainly is somewhat anticlimactic. We've tried our best to capture our experience in these blog entries, but our journey just wouldn't be finished without one last attempt at showing you what it was really like. Craig put together a compilation of (a fraction of) our videos, set to The Great Skua (a bird we saw frequently harassing the penguins), by British Sea Power. Think what you like about it; it certainly gives us chills!

We woke up to little movement and a beautiful sunrise out the bar windows. Our view was soon blocked by the stunning tall ships that were also docked in the harbour from all over South America. By the time we'd said goodbye, and walked down the plank, all the crews were on deck to raise their flags and sing their national anthems. It was a heart-whelming goodbye that felt especially for us!

After saying "goodbye," we spent the morning seeing our fellow ship-mates around town and repeating the farewells again and again: at our hostel, returning rental gear, doing laundry and at the cafes.

We had intended on going back to the dock to board the tall ships and take them all in, but when the time came, we were just too tired and too happy to sit and drink wine and play games with Kristen and John in their swanky apartment-style hotel room.

Our friends, Kristen & John compiled a great list of what we did and saw. To read it, visit: http://ourwanderland.com/back-to-reality-mv-ushuaia-antarctica/#comment-418

To view their Antarctica video, visit: http://ourwanderland.com/antarctica-memories-mv-ushuaia-antarctica/

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