Adventure Girl: Spain, France, and Portugal

Written by Adventure Girl, 6 years old

San Sebastian, Spain

we went to spain in the summer. we are in Spain and we just went on a plane from toronto to barcelona. now we flew on another plane to San Sebastian. Here in San Sebastian we went for walks, played at the beach and played a card game. We saw lots of flowers, green leafed trees, and sea blue ocean. We saw people that were surfing people that were boogie boarding and we saw lots of yummy treats in bakery windows. We also swam in the ocean, boogie boarded in the ocean, body surfed in the ocean, and played card games, and digged in the sand making cars.We went for walks around the small town, hiked up a big hill and got a popsicle after. We ate mushroom skewers, we ate scallops in their shells but did not eat their shells. we ate crab, Craig ate squid, we ate lots and lots of bread, well at least i did. We drank apple juice, bubbly water, tap water, and regular water. We had a party! we made crafts, we sang songs and had a puppet show at the party. The hotel that we are staying in has three bedrooms, and somewhere you can hang up clothes, a washroom, and a comfy living room, kitchen table and kitchen all in one room. My room has one bed, a huge closet, two little desks, and one chair. my bedroom is comfy to sleep in. There are lots of beautiful pictures in the hotel. 

Me Boogie Boarding!

This is how you say some things in spanish that we say in english. This is how you say hello, hola. this is how you say water please, agua por favor. this is how you say cake please, torta por favor. this is how to say please, por favor. 

Mama's Report Card from her Swimming Lesson

Differences between Calgary and Spain

Leaves are greener here than in Calgary.

The buildings have designs on them in Spain, not like in Calgary

The balcony railings are thicker and higher

and there are seagulls here, not like in calgary.

there's beaches with ocean here, not like Calgary

there's big bathrooms in Calgary, not like in Spain

the patios are not connected to the restaurant in spain.

the balconies are thinner in Spain than in Calgary

the balconies are bigger in Calgary than in spain

Not as many people have gardens in Spain as in Calgary

Mama and I on a two-layered carousel

Adventure in San Sebastian!

We went for a walk in San Sebastian and we saw trees with green leaves and pink flowers on the trees. We also went to a bakery and got a croissant and fresh bread. We saw street cleaners cleaning the streets too. On our walk back we ate the croissant and we saved the bread for later in the day and other days. We passed lots of fruit and vegetables and lots of stores that were closed on our walk there and back. We had fun.

Heading to the Beach

Me as a Mermaid!

Beach Day in San Sebastian

We went to the beach and had fun playing at the edge of the water because there was a strong current and huge waves and we made a car that was made out of sand in the sand at the beach. In the car I used my pointer finger to dig small holes for buttons for the car. We used a shovel to dig out the holes for the seats and the trunk. We played in the car that I was a taxi driver taking my dad and mom around, but the car didn't actually move because it was made out of sand.

The waves were huge because there was strong currents pushing out from the sea and they were so strong we couldn't go deep so we just played in the shallow water. I splashed and jumped over the waves that came close to the shore, but some were still huge even though we were right by the shore. When we went boogie boarding some waves were so big that i rode them all the way back to shore until my legs dragged on the sand. We went deeper to go boogie boarding, the current was so strong I couldn't stay on my legs sometimes. That's why we stayed at the shore after that. (we only went deeper because there were lots of life guards and they had rescue vehicles)

I also got buried in the sand, and my mom and dad helped make scales on the sand that was over top of me so that I could look like a mermaid. My dad even made a lump at the back that looked like a mermaid tail and put scales on it too.

How I felt in San Sebastian

This is how i felt while i was boogie boarding, i felt like i was going super fast in a race car. This is how i felt while i was digging in the sand making the car, i felt like i would be able to actually drive the car when i was done. I felt like it took an hour to make the car when it took 20 minutes. When i climbed a huge hill i felt like i wouldn't be able to go on, but i could. When i was trying new food i felt it wouldn't taste good when it did. This is how i felt when i was walking to get a popsicle, i felt like i needed it when i didn't. when i got a popsicle i felt like phew! i finally got a popsicle after 5 years, when i just got a popsicle yesterday. This is how i felt after all my plane rides, when are we going to go on another plane it has been 5 million days since i was on a plane, but it was only 1 hour. I feel like i have climbed a hill a million times when i am returning to the apartment when i have just gone for a little walk or a play at the beach. I feel like i just need to get out of my room when i wake up in the morning, but then i don't know what to do when i get out of my room. When i see the beach right ahead i feel like i need to be at the beach right that second

Driving to Sos del Rey

We are now leaving San Sebastian and going to another place in Spain called sOS DEL rEY cATOLICO. We are going to be driviing to the next place and we have passed lots of trees and beautiul flowers. There is lots of green grass and ferns. We have passed lots of daisies and four or five cows. It's hard to see stuff through the trees. We have passed lots of farms and hills and gone through lots of tunnels. We also passed lots of signs on the road.  There are lots of turns on the road and it is very beautiful. I saw 7 vultures on our drive.

Adventure Girl's Nature Post; written from the Azores

There is so much to see here that is nature. There's all the trees and flowers; just look at them yourself! Even just the flowers people plant in their gardens - they just look beautiful. Here are some pictures of them. 

From our balcony

Even if the plants are dying, they still look beautiful. I saw a plant that was dying and it looked almost as pretty as the one that wasn't dying. Even just nature colours on people's houses like the colours green and yellow.

A building with nature colours

There are even leaves on trees that look nice. 

In the Azores, we saw mosses that are here that cannot grow anywhere else in the world. We felt them because we might never feel them again! 

There are lots of ants and flies and butterflies here. There are lots of dogs here with people walking them. We have an ant problem here in the Azores. There are so many on our balcony. 

An ant on my hand!
The Azores

There is a sandy beach with a floating dock that I jumped off of. It bounces when I jump off of it because it's just floating in the water. 

This is from the lava tube cave. There wasn't lava left inside anymore. It was dried up. Sometimes I had to crawl! There were stalagtites hanging from the ceiling and some stalagmites on the floor. 

We also went to a lava cave. It had a huge ceiling, probably as tall as your house! It had plants growing inside and water dripping because there was a hole at the top and it was raining. It wasn't filled with water but there was a little bit of water at the bottom. It usually probably doesn't flood. 

We went on a hike in the Azores. It was really muddy and slippery. 

We turned around halfway and decided to go back because it was so muddy. 


We  went   to   a   playground   in  the  Azores    it   looked  like   this.

there  was  climbing  equipment   that  you  could  climb  on. There were a few kids on the climbing equipment.

And we also went to a playground in San Sebastian, there was a big slide and a four seated see-saw. the big slide zig-zagged around. There was a carousal there too, but you had to pay money for it and you would get a balloon if you went on it. There were lots of kids in San Sebastian.

We also went to a playground in the Pyrenees that had a slide and a lot of climbing equipment. And there was also a little kid playground that you were allowed to go to if you were under 3 or 3 years old. And there was also the older kid playground that had lots of the climbing equipment. There were a few kids on the climbing equipment in the Pyrenees.