Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 33: Lonely Planet Maps - 3 : Craig & Erin - 0

In the morning we entered the chaos of another bus station to make our way to Huye in the south. We were able to quickly find tickets for an 11:00 AM bus. Twenty minutes later at 10:30 we were quickly shepherded onto a bus, Craig's bag being loaded in the back he climbed on only to remark that there were not any seats left. It was at this point that we learned about the small seats that unfolded into the aisle.
If you think #2 is on the southern road,
then you (as well as Erin and Craig) are wrong.
Upon arrival in Huye we were once again failed by our Lonely Planet's map. We ended up staying at the place that was at the correct point on the map, the staff was very friendly and we were able to be partially understood using franglais. So far in Rwanda we have been surprised by the ease of using English although Erin has been great at taking the lead and negotiating in French.
We have both had great experiences with Lonely Planet
this has not been one. Do not buy this book.

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