Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Twenty-Four: The Party Continues in Kabale

After a couple of hours of sleep, we were glad to say goodbye to Mbarara and the Westlands Hotel. Even though we were told to swing by the post office at 11:45 to see if the 12:30 bus had free seats, we went over at 10am (we're learning!). We were guaranteed two spots, so we ate an early lunch (still no internet to be found), and went back to wait. At 12, other "mzungus" came to the office and were told there were no seats left. Extra 'travel bucks' for us for knowing to go two hours earlier than they said!
Actually from near Bwindi, but a typical sight on Ugandan Roads

With Craig in the first row, and Erin in the last, we enjoyed four and a half hours apart talking with busmates. Erin met a guy named Scott from Vancouver who is living in Uganda for three months with work related to his PhD, and Craig sat with a girl from Kabale where we were headed, so she kindly showed us to our hostel at the end of our ride.

Our social interactions picked up from there as we had a delicious meal at the House of Eridisa with a couple from Denmark who were travelling for five months, and a girl from Toronto travelling for four. We may cross paths with the Danish couple again as they're heading to Tanzania, Vietnam, then we'll be in Nepal at the same time!

We headed to bed around 9, hoping for a better sleep but spent a second night pretending while really listening to more techno, rap, hip-hop and pop songs. They considerately turned off their tunes at 3:50 am but by then, sleep was a lost cause. (We learned this is common place in Uganda and have since started asking about clubs)

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