Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Twenty-Eight: Working Hard to Relax

Our serene time in Bwindi was coming to a close, so we tried to make the most of it by opening up our tent door flaps while packing so we could take in the view (also hoping to see gorillas or more monkeys). We were rewarded for our optimism when three large, beautiful Blue Turracos flew across the clearing and perched near our room.

After packing, it was back to Kabale to get supplies before heading to Lake Bunyonyi for a relaxing stay on an island. Arriving at the docks we had our choice between paying $8 for a 15 minute motorboat ride or a free hour long dugout canoe ride with all our bags. We chose the latter much to the chagrin of the many muscles our bodies had happily forgotten were ever needed. The trek was laced with the fear of losing all of our belongings as the dugout rocked back and forth with every stroke. But we survived the crossing without losing any of our bags to the "unfathomable depths" of the lake (we were told that the lake is more than a mile deep but no one knows for sure just how deep it is. Google says it is rumoured to range between 44m and 900m).

We were once again rewarded for our efforts when we found our next amazing room, perched on the hillside. Our open-air 'geodome' gave us amazing views from the porch, our bed, and the shower. We had to be careful of the birds though (so far we have lazily noticed around 15 species of birds around our room) as one made off with the last few chips that we were eating. As the sun set the winds died down and we were able to sit by candlelight looking out over the lake.

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