Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 352: Wedding Bells

Nearly one year after we left the country to travel, we took a big step on another huge adventure and got married. The day was exactly what we wanted: a casual outdoor ceremony and reception, with a long afternoon including lounging at the dock and a firepit. We made all of the food ourselves (with a huge thanks to our family members) and it was delicious!

The small dock ceremony was special to us for a few reasons.
1) We had our dear friend Alex officiating. He is a childhood friend of Alex and a university friend of Erin's and it was at his wedding that we met. Alex did a beautiful job tying our lives together through a well-prepared speech that was so personal to us.
2) We had guests warm a stone for us, with all of their wishes and advice and lay the stones on the dock to create the altar on which we would stand to be wed.
3) Erin walked up the aisle to one of our favourite songs, 7th Fret Over Andres by Woodpigeon, a song that's very meaningful to us written by a Calgarian band.
4) Erin's ring is comprised of the two sapphires we bought in Madagascar and Craig carried and kept safe since October. For a reminder of that story, visit our Madagascar entries.

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