Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Seventeen: Least Exciting Day Yet

Due to our breakneck pace and our inability to book a safari, we took it easy on day 16. We got day 17's plans figured out, did some laundry, and tried to sift through all of our photos.

Most of the intrigue happened through the nights. We are not sure if we are a part of a pysch study or if there is a broken record player in Nakuru, but both nights we heard the same song on repeat, at full blast, through the entire night and some of the morning (it was a different song the second night).

We have become very familiar with downtown Nakuru as we walked the same market street 6-8 times a day.

Erin even got a restaurant named in her honour.

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  1. song on repeat all night sounds like my undergrad dorm on a weekend. finally caught up, my favourite part was the lions with their kill! stay safe