Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 32: Month Two Begins in the Land of 1,000 Hills

The first things everyone will tell you about Kigali are that it is clean and safe. We noticed the cleanliness right away as we drove in, and would enjoy the safeness later as we wandered the city. We had a marvellous lunch/dinner at Chez Robert, and then headed to Hotel de Milles Collines for a drink/sightseeing.

Milles Collines is a fancy hotel with a great view, nice pool, and a happening bar with live music. It is most famous however as a place where over a thousand people took shelter during the genocide, and as the true story inspiration for the film Hotel Rwanda. Sitting and having a drink to contemplate Rwanda's past while Mzungus frolicked in the pool and flirted in the gardens next to us was a strange experience. Afterwards we walked back to our much cheaper hotel, and tried but failed to find a restaurant to watch the sunset and thus ended up standing in an alley watching the sunset on the hills and valleys below us.

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