Friday, August 30, 2013

Bonus Post! (in case almost every day wasn't enough)

Lasting Impressions of Uganda:

* Less so than in Kenya, the women have a way of 'hmm'ing 'yes' without saying anything
* The countryside is reminiscent of southern Okanagan with terraced hillsides and tea plantations instead of vineyards
* The people are quieter and friendlier on a whole than what we experienced in Kenya
* We were again impressed with the ability people have to carry large loads on their heads and shoulders, even while riding a bicycle
* We saw the whole spectrum of Settlers here...farming, ranching, mining in a quarry...we even saw people making bricks from wet Earth! (on that note, we were quite amused by the idea of pitting Survivor contestants against men and women from the small villages we saw)
* They sure like their nightly dance parties, or at least the volume of music would indicate as such.
* The cool story of our gorilla troop (now updated in the post about gorillas).

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