Monday, March 24, 2014

Days 234 & 235: Taming the Drake

We were thankfully feeling better in the morning, but we kept to our cabin just to be sure. The number of passengers at meals was severely limited as our ship rolled in 30-35 knot waves. Erin was happy to be served gluten-free bread for the first time all trip (why it took them nine days to bake it, no one knows).

We managed to get in a few card games and clean up our room from some fallen debris. The lounge area was filled with people working on their photos and travel journals, swapping pictures we'd taken of each other with penguins.

Our second crossing of the Drake wasn't nearly as rough as the first, much to everyone's relief. Thanks to our relatively smooth waters, it wasn't long before we neared Tierra del Fuego. We crawled along with mountain views, and had a moment of excitement when Peale's dolphins joined our journey by jumping in front of the bow.

We commemorated our achievement with an end-of-journey party thrown by the staff with a video of all the staff photos, and certificates for us. Our goodbye feast was king crab, a fillet of beef and chocolate mousse. Erin grimaced at her final plate of sliced fruit and vowed to find and eat as many chocolate bars as she could in Ushuaia. We toasted our great trip all the same and headed off for a quiet night's sleep (with no rolling or pitching, thankfully!).

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  1. i've been falling behind so i binge-read the last few posts like so much "house of cards" on netflix. those seal lions look....delicious