Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 221: A Sleepy Town for Two Sleepy People

Another early bus took us on a beautiful drive along the mountain range between El Calefate and El Chalten. We booked a room in an affordable and charming little B&B. Upon arrival we discovered that we had been so enthralled with its charms we didn't realize that it lacked a kitchen. It was a bittersweet moment when we realized we were about to be doing a lot of eating out again.

The whole town goes on siesta from about noon to five, so we joined them for an hour, then grew too hungry to wait any longer. We happened to find an open cervezaria (microbrewery) with lovely outdoor seating that sold gluten-free food. It was win-win! Determined to keep our costs down, Craig promised to just have one beer, so Erin felt that she should be able to have a glass of wine. She was pretty pleased when the server showed up with a glass as big as a bottle!

On our way home we grabbed a few non-perishables at the understocked grocery store, received candy as change, and headed to bed early.

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