Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 114 & 115: Kathmandu Part II

Exhausted and sore from pushing ourselves to get back, the two days that followed in Kathmandu were rather uneventful.

Again we needed to visit the Indian embassy (trip #3), and this time we were turned away because our Nepali visas had apparently expired. Closer examination revealed that the official at the airport had written in the wrong expiry date. We'd paid for a thirty-day visa, had a receipt for a thirty-day visa, the entry date was right, but he had written in an expiry 15 days later.

So, it was a trip to the Nepali immigration office to get that fixed (they chuckled over the mistake, then made us wait around for one man to cross the date out and rewrite it - we could've done that!), then back to the Indian embassy (visit #4) to handover our passports. Because of the delay, we now have to wait the whole weekend to get them back, a fact that's a little unnerving given the current political situation, but if we want to go to India, we don't have a choice.

Our quiet day had once again become a race around the city.

Other than that the time was spent looking into things like shipping home a mask Craig bought, and wedding planning. On the second day back we had an hour apart to do our own things - a massage for Erin and a rooftop beer, or two, for Craig.

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