Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tanzania Take Home

Although we didn't see much of Tanzania, we still noticed some differences in our experiences compared to other places.

* People were very friendly and we didn't seem to stand out as much. Most people continued with whatever they were doing when they saw us and those in the tourist industry, although persistent, were pleasant.
* The tourist infrastructure is great, better than the other countries we visited.
* The food hasn't been quite as exciting and there is a lack of vegetables.
* Zanzibar wasn't quite what we expected based from what we'd heard. It doesn't have the same island feel as somewhere in the Caribbean. Many parts of the East Shore aren't touristy and as over-developed as the travel guide will lead you to believe. Plus, watching the hard-working women harvest seaweed(?) in the water is just magical.
* Service has been very formal. A waiter in Moshi apologized to Craig for not being able to serve him from the right because he was too close to the wall!
* The drivers seem to respect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles more. This sounds like a good thing, except the roads aren't any wider so this means veering into oncoming traffic.

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