Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 58: Back to Reality

The Marojejy Side-Striped Chameleon.
Although easier than the hike in the long hike out was still gruelling in the intensely slippery conditions following the previous day's rain. Everything was a hazard, from the rocks, mud, and roots, the previously quiet air now buzzed with mosquitoes that were not there the day before. Further adding to the exhaustion was the increased leech threat following rain, thus we normally chose to push on without breaks, unless wildlife viewing was involved. These amazing creatures keep our spirits up.

We waited patiently for a picture of this neon-green butterfly

We're excited for orchid season in the south!

Like, what the heck is this?

We thought our guide was calling this a blue quail...
turns out coua is not the French word for's a blue coua

Zebu, the cow relative

We were pleased with ourselves because we caught up with the French tourist who has left a bit before us. He is here biking around Madagascar. We were extra pleased when we convinced him to share a private taxi back to Sambava, so we didn't have to battle the Bruce again! We took a much needed shower (double-lathering to try to get the smell off!) and gladly went to bed early.

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