Saturday, September 14, 2013

Days 46-51: Zanzibar Highlights

The next few days were spent walking the beach, wandering through tidal pools, sharing meals on the sea. Here were a few of the highlights:

* Opening the doors and curtains to our room in the morning and watching the sunrise from bed
* Our ingenious solution to fighting the flies by hanging our own mosquito net on our front porch for breakfast
* Our lizard friend who visited each morning after breakfast and liked to mock fight his reflection in the camera viewfinder
* Our 3 km hike straight out into the ocean from our lunch spot, then through the crystal-clear water zig-zagging back to our place around patches of seaweed
* Swimming in the Indian Ocean for the first time for Erin
* Seeing a starfish the size of your head, and the marks of equally big sand dollars hiding beneath the sand
* Finding a bed hammock and swinging in it
* Paying $12.50 for an hour-long massage (and then learning we over-paid)
* Taking rides on local Dhow sailing boats to go out to beautiful reefs or just to lie in the perfect water
* Craig crashing said Dhow into a sand bar when he took the helm
* Erin finding delicious piƱa coladas everywhere we went.
* Being able to walk between, somewhat, distant towns without ever stepping off the beach
* Becoming known by the hawkers of souvenirs; the pole-pole (slowly slowly in Swahili, we found the phrase to be very useful for the rest of our stay) man was our favourite.
* Leaving our bungalow for the day and not even taking shoes or sandals.

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