Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 37: Experts of Public Transport

Today was rather uneventful. It was a travel day so we got up, ate breakfast, and were on the bus at the reasonable time of 7:30. We'd slept well in Gisakura, so it was hard to leave, but we had high hopes for our three days of lake relaxation ahead.

We took Impala coach this time due to the encouragement of K.Sam. He said it was the VIP minibus and it did turn out to be a more sophisticated crowd. People even got up to give us the seats we had reserved! It seemed that there was a lively discussion taking place, perhaps at one man's expense, but it was a nice change for us to not hear 'muzungu' whispers or be given more than a moment's notice. We did have to sit with Craig's big backpack in our laps but it wasn't so bad.

We drove back through the forest, past Huye, and most of the way to Kigali before we changed buses in Gitarama. Another two hours and we were in Kibuye. We hired the only car taxi in town to take us the 3 km to our hotel at the extraordinary cost of 5000 francs, and then we were really there. Altogether, we felt like pros because the seven hour travel day had been super easy (and Erin didn't pee once!).

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