Friday, May 16, 2014

Days 288-289: Pueto Iguazu

Our flight from Mendoza to Puerto Iguazu fortunately connected through Salta, an area of Argentina we really wanted to visit but had to cut out. This allowed us to see the stunning mountain-scape from the sky, at least. We arrived in the evening and realized we didn't have the reservation we thought we did. Without the name of the place we'd researched and tried to book online, we were stuck choosing randomly from our previously highlighted choices in the book. We arrived at a sparkling and lovely hotel, settled in, then realized there was no kitchen. We'd have to make do with the last of our non-perishable food. Thankfully, Kristen and John had let us take the leftovers from lunch, so we had something on hand to eat for dinner. It was nice and salty after our tearful goodbye with them that afternoon.

We rested and got ourselves oriented our first day in Puerto Iguazu, as the weather report promised good clear skies the three days we'd be there. For our one real meal of the day, we visited the Wok and Grill, recommended by Craig's parents. Steamy chicken and pork stir frys were a nice change from our regular repas. The best part of the meal, though, was adding to his parents' message on the wall.

We headed to bed excited for the day before us. Expectations were high, as Iguazu Falls were the Number One thing Erin had wanted to see on whole trip prior to leaving. Stay tuned to see how they lived up to the hype.

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