Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 89: Memories of Madagascar

For our last day in Madagascar, we were right back where we started. Sitting in our same Tana-Jacaranda Hotel room, eating zebu a la vanille and listening to another Sunday afternoon rock concert was the perfect book-end to our time here. The only difference was that the small jacaranda buds outside our window had now exploded into full bloom.

With Craig still not feeling great we didn't end up making it around town to see the sites, but we did have a delicious meal at the fancy CafĂ© de la Gare where the beautiful outdoor setting and fantastic French food made us feel we had been transported to Paris! Perhaps this will help prepare us for our next destination - the French island Reunion.

We have enjoyed Madagascar so much, and were just as excited about being here on our last day as we had been on our first. We sat down to write our summary post feeling like we had so many wonderful things to share, but we've been here for five weeks, and if you've been reading along with our posts, then you probably feel like you know it pretty well, too! It would surely be worth a trip back for us - we still need to visit Nosy Be, Ile Ste-Marie, Baobab Alley, the East Coast, and if things settle down politically, we could perhaps explore the southern tip. The federal election is three days after we leave, and we hope that the results help stabilize Madagascar and set it on a path towards realizing the amazing potential of its people and their land.

With that, we'll leave you with a few more photos to show case the diversity of this wondrous place (in chronological order).

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