Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 82: An Engaging Day

The next day we hobbled about Camp Catta, cursing the number of stairs to get up to the restaurant. We learned that they had a pool, so we loaded up on water and pop (realizing that we were still incredibly dehydrated), and spent the next few hours lounging in the shade. Their pool was lovely - like being in a natural swimming hole, complete with the occasional water beetle, but void of any algae or plant life. The views of our mountain pass were plentiful.

In the afternoon, Craig lounged while Erin napped and we met up again just before dinner to watch a family of ring-tailed lemurs mosey through the site. There were more babies, like in Anja,  and they were all so cute to watch.

We realized it was Thanksgiving Day, and had a moment of nostalgia, missing home. We attempted to send text messages to our families, knowing they might be anxious to hear from us since it'd been a week since we'd had internet or phone service.

We were still revelling in the glow of our accomplishment from the day before, and Craig was likely still recovering from his bought of heatstroke, so we warmly acknowledged our thankfulness of having met each other, and having the opportunity to explore the world together. Then we sat quietly sipping our drinks and taking in the beautiful scene.

We had successfully completed one of the most physically challenging things either of us had ever done, and managed to do it without bickering or really any negativity at all. Craig felt that this, plus the amazing scene before us couldn't be more perfect, so he surprised Erin with a spontaneous proposal! She said yes, and we giddily ate dinner and hoped that the next day we might finally be able to find internet to tell our families our great news!