Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 69: Bitten by the Travel Bug

For our last few hours in Ramena, we strolled the beach and swam one last time in the crystal-clear water. There was one local thing that Erin hadn't done yet: have her face painted like the Malagasy women. They use paste to protect their faces from the sun, then paint over it with avocado 'make up' to create designs. It was worth a try!

Since our hotel *still* didn't have working internet, we chose to head to Diego early and have lunch at a swanky hotel at the edge of the bay. The food was outstanding (baked duck stuffed with mango, and chicken in a pineapple-cinnamon sauce), and the view breath-taking. Plus we were able to get a few posts up. From there, a quick trip to the airport had us on our way back to Tana. The flight hosted stunning sunset views over the multi-layered clouds. That view never gets old! We felt well-rested after our lengthy stay in Ramena, and excited about moving on the the South the next day!

The first bite with trail working its way up
Before heading to bed, we had one last task of the serious sort - Craig has had some unusual bites with red tails trailing up his arm the past couple of days. We've been deligently watching their progress, marking it off with a pen. We felt it worth a trip to the doctor just in case. When we arrived at our Hotel in Tana, we were unsure whether to go out to the hospital or wait til the morning to visit a clinic because it was already 8pm. Luckily, they knew a doctor who did house-calls, so over dinner Craig was poked and prodded (literally), and it was deemed serious enough to run a course of anti-biotics to battle the toxins of the unknown bite. It felt good to have a worries laid to rest in a needle of cortisone and a sachet of antibiotics. By morning, the redness and swelling from the bites had severely diminished and he was feeling more comfortable.

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