Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Days 150-153: Kota Kinabalu

The following few days were filled with time on the computer working mainly on wedding planning. A lot of hours were spent in our hotel room, eyes trained on our respective devices. But we managed to get out and wander the city a couple of times a day, and felt very comfortable there. KK is reasonably 'Western' so Starbucks and two delicious homecooked meals at a darling Hungarian restaurant made us feel less like tourists. Our first night in town we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Harbourfront with Adrian and Erin who we'd come back with from Kudat. Then our third night, we met a couple at a restaurant who we started talking with, then invited to join us for dinner, from England and Ireland. It was a nice change to be so social after some isolating weeks in India.

Craig wandered the market and picked up a few decorations to make Christmas Day feel more special. Erin splurged on a luxuriously long massage by a talented Malay girl who apologetically told her that she was too stiff to be worked on. A jar of Tiger Balm helped remedy the situation, and Erin's hoping to visit her on our return. We each chuckled at the signs by the door stating that "No Immoral Activity" was allowed in the joint, and that you're not to make sounds when you're having your treatment because it disturbs other clients.

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