Sunday, December 8, 2013

Days 134-136: Admiring from Afar

Note: We finished the Leg 2 video! CLICK HERE to see jumping lemurs and all the B-roll that didn't make the blog the first time around.

We had planned an extra day in Jodhpur in case we needed more time to go through the fort. Instead, we dedicated it to searching for rooftops with great views of all angles. Here is another unsuccessful attempt at displaying just how mammothly awesome this fort is:

Next, it was on to Udaipur, home of the water palace used in James Bond's Octopussy. On the bus, we met a nice couple who had retired and had now been travelling for for five years... Kind of puts our trip length in perspective.

We immediately liked Udaipur with its clean streets and nicer smell. The buildings rising out of the lake and surrounding hillside were absolutely beautiful. It took only hours to have us seriously reconsidering the rest of our time in India to see if we could stay longer, but the cost of flying to Mumbai just couldn't be justified for an extra day or two. Instead we enjoyed the view from our hotel's rooftop as the the lake morphed from rose to purple to ink black and the softly lit lights of palaces danced in the reflection of the water.

Tired from all the traveling, we decided to take it easy the first full day in Udaipur and spent a few hours lounging by the pool at a nearby nicer hotel.

For lunch we tried Millets of Mewar, a restaurant that prides itself on healthy vegan/gluten-free dishes. Erin was over the moon with all her choices, so Craig suggested we try our second Indian cooking class so we could expand our repertoire and discover the secrets of gluten-free chapati.

Under the guidance of Surinder, our passionate chef, we acquired the skills for a basic Indian gravy and added it to other ingredients to form a peanut sauce with steamed vegetables, vegetable kofta, eggplant curry, and rajma, a kidney bean-based dish, all to accompany the gf chapati. We can't wait to get home and make an Indian feast!

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