Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Days 166-177: Pulau Langkawi

The days passed surprisingly quickly in Langkawi because of the amount of work we had to do. We spent countless hours working on the Leg 3 video, poured over our Chile and Argentina books and found an apartment for our time in Buenos Aires. South America was necessitating a change in travelling style because we read that accommodation needed to be booked up to a month ahead of time in Patagonia. By the end of our two weeks in Langkawi, we had a very structured plan for the rest of our trip. For the first time, we could see the end of our year ahead, and it was approaching all too quickly.

10 different beers for $10 (also wine and vodka)
In between the hours of work, we strolled the beach, swam, and admired the sunsets. We made good use of the games we received for Christmas, throwing a frisbee around on the beach, and conquering three of the five versions of our new Settlers cards. But we mostly just sat on the beach within a few hundred meters of our room, and it was wonderful. We enjoyed having a mini-fridge to keep snacks like cheese on hand, and of course, for allowing us to have some cold beverages, a luxury we rarely enjoy.

Craig's only requirement for the two weeks was that he wanted to be buried in the sand. We squeaked it in our last morning there, just in time. We left with most of our blog entries written, more wedding planning done, and a clear plan moving forward. Now we'll pack our bathing suits and shorts at the bottom of our bag, as we're on our way to five days in freezing Paris!

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