Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 156: Kicked Off the Island

We opted for the late boat transfer back so we could enjoy the morning in our paradisical surroundings. We really wanted to hike to the other side of the island to swim at the beach the Survivor tribes were stationed on. So in thick layers of humidity, we covered ourselves in bug spray, grabbed our walking sticks, and hit the trail. It posed its own challenges to us: ducking under and climbing over fallen logs, route-finding in overgrown areas, and wading through shin-deep muddy water. We had only one true scare when Erin noticed a snake against one of the trees we were climbing over, but it thankfully turned out to be dead.

We made it 3.1 km in (of 4.4), but lost the trail and attempted to work our way to the beach around the rocky shore. We eventually had to give in because the crashing waves ahead of us looked too dangerous for us to continue. We felt a little discouraged heading back, but in the spirit of the island, realized it wouldn't have been complete without a true challenge. We were sadly voted off and banished from Pulau Tiga, but not before another swim in the warm gentle waters.

After a choppy boat ride back to the mainland, and a couple hour's drive to the airport, we were waiting for our flight onwards to Sepilok, with the hope to see orangutans!

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