Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Days 164-165: Last Days in Borneo

To ensure that we saw more of KK than just malls, we paid a visit to the Floating Mosque for a little taste of KK's culture. Sadly we had lost track of the day of the week at visited on a Friday which precluded our entry, but the best views are from the outside anyways. Thus we started working our way around the lake, however there is no path, so once the grass got too deep, such that we would not be able to see a snake beneath it, we turned back to the road. Finding our way back on public transit proved to be easy and inexpensive; thankfully the door was broken and would fling open occasionally providing a little extra air conditioning.

Gettin' in shape for the wedding...
One jiggle at a time!
Next on the to-do list was 'find Erin a wedding dress'. Diane and Erin enjoyed searching for styles and laughing at possibilities together. It was a little challenging, with Malaysian dresses not being made for curvy 5'9" North Americans! We came away empty handed, but we managed to get a feel for how a few styles look on her.

Then we walked along the harbourfront and explored the stalls at the open-air market for souvenirs.

We finished up with a delicious dinner and a pitcher of mojitos at one of our favourite restaurants, El Centro.

In the morning, the three of us drove out to the airport together to play a few last game of cards and help Diane kill time before her flight. We hadn't been sure if Diane coming would make us feel more or less homesick, but in the end, it was a wonderfully refreshing break from eachother. We enjoyed spending time with her, feeling like no time had passed, and we are really appreciative of her flying so far!

Knowing we were heading to another island location next, we took advantage of being in the city and decided to see a movie. After some discussion, we chose to take in different films in theaters down the hall from each other. Erin watched Delivery Man, then went back to her massage therapist to even out the time while Craig saw The Desolation of Smaug. We met up afterwards for dinner at our favourite restaurant in KK, Chili Vanilla, a Hungarian restaurant.

We hit the hay late, tired from our fast pace with Diane, but pleased with all that we'd done. Two weeks of 'down time' lie ahead of us so we can figure out Leg 5, and catch up on our blog and videos. It's hard to believe that we're a week away from our sixth month mark!

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