Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NZ/Aus Days 31-33: Top of the Lake

The view from our Air BnB!
A beautiful drive followed. We'd saved Queenstown for the end of our trip, hoping that by the time we got there it would be abundant with fall colour. And we were right! Approaching the city we followed the lake surrounded by trees in every shade from yellow to red. The town itself reminded us of Newfoundland: colourful houses stood stacked on top of each other up the steep hillside. All with a spectacular view of the water and the ring of mountains around it. (Note: we'll leave you with a teaser for now as all of our shots of the town are in video format).

Our main interest in the area was to drive out to Glenorchy and Paradise, where Top of the Lake was shot, to take in the views. Again we were battling the weather. The forecast showed rain and cloud cover for our two days there.  We awoke to a fog so thick you couldn't tell there were mountains across from us or a lake!  When they lifted slightly, we took a chance and were off. Once again, we were lucky: the weather improved over the course of the trip and by the time we were heading back, we were treated to this:

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