Monday, April 17, 2017

NZ/Aus Day 27: At Cloud 9

For one night we decided to splurge. Staying at "Cloud 9" was practical, we told ourselves. It broke up a long driving day and gave us the chance to see the southernmost point of New Zealand, Slope Point. But really, it was its beachside location and no cleaning necessary that were the real draw. Throw in a wood fireplace to help keep the chilly autumn breeze at bay, and we were sold. Oh, and did we mention the owners habitually see little blue penguins off their back deck?!?

In the end, it felt worth every penny. They were the most comfortable beds we'd slept on all trip, and possibly in our entire lives. We actually emailed the owner to inquire about her duvet and sheets because we were dreaming about them after our stay. It was heaven to drive up, unload, then head straight out to the beach to swim in the southern ocean for the first time. We kept our meals simple so we could just enjoy the location as much as possible for the brief time we were there, indulging in both a sunset and sunrise stroll in the surf. We waited up for what felt like half the night (it might have even been as late as 9:30 pm!) to see if any little blues waddled up to our doorstep, but alas, they remain elusive.

Baby-wearing on the Beach! 

What we were fortunate enough to see were two more yellow-eyes. This time it was Craig's expert safari skills that got us the penguin sighting: those people have all been staring in the same direction for a while... let's check it out! So, no little blues for us, but again we feel so fortunate to have seen these endangered guys in such a beautiful, natural setting. Oh, and we spotted a sea lion and a dolphin from our living room, too!

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