Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 210: The Big Five-O

After waiting around in the cold, early in the morning, we were off on our way to Patagonia and Chile. Fearing the notorious Chilean customs, we hurriedly ate the last of our leftovers: cheese, and salami. Erin also surprised Craig with a little bottle of champagne to celebrate visiting his 50th country!

Welcome to Chile! The bus stand at the border crossing
sold Hamburgers and Ponchos...

Shortly after the border we reached the Magellan Strait where we would disembark and make the short crossing by ferry. We sat on the warm sand as a cool wind gusted around us. The crossing was bumpy but provided nice views. Once back on the bus we passed the time watching movies as the flat, arid land rolled along beside us. By the time we reached Puerto Natales, it was nearly midnight. We navigated the deserted, dark streets and found our hostel. Then we turned around and went back out, thanking the heavens that there was still a restaurant open at the late hour.

Chile is kindly helping to fill the spaces around and on top of the Reunion stamps.

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