Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 201: Montevideo Post-Apocolypse

It was an easy (yet hot!) walk to catch our 2.5h bus to Montevideo. We made the journey with our dormmate, Sarah, who expertly got us on a local bus from the terminal and within a few blocks from our next hotel. This one boasted an antique ornate elevator fit for a sitcom that's a little too cute.


We dropped our stuff, high-fived over our mini-fridge, and went back out to meet Sarah for lunch. We wandered the deserted streets for a while, feeling a little like the characters in a movie who survived a devastating event to Earth. This became magnified when we stumbled across a movie set that looked like we'd entered the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade... but with zero other observers. Coming from adorable Colonia, these run-down streets just looked desolate. We were unusually pleased to finally find the touristy area, which promised high prices, but food and sangria nonetheless.


Apparently everyone in town was down at the pier fishing!

After a delicious Uruguayan barbeque lunch, we toured the inside of the largest meat market in the world and sampled their signature drink, Medio y Medio, a mix of champagne and white wine. We found the Museo de Carnaval just as it was closing, and discovered disappointingly that they only held shows Thursday thru Saturdays. We were really hating the fact that it was Sunday by now.

We returned home, groceries in tow to try to keep our spending down. Our adorable old lady proprietor reassured us that things would be hopping in the morning, while also drawing extensive lines on the city map outlining where we should NOT go at night. She finally gave up and drew a safe zone for us, which was basically a box around our street and the immediate three blocks surrounding it. Thankfully we were entertained watching the Olympics on our small TV, and didn't feel the need to go back outside, except for a few quick pics at sunset.

The Old City Gate
Plaza Independencia

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