Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 203: Uruguyan Culture

Retracing our steps from the first day, but in less of a hurry, we headed back towards the harbour. We enjoyed seeing the old part of town alive; it's amazing what a little bit of human activity can do to brighten up crumbling ancient buildings. We stumbled across the Museum of Beaux-Arts while admiring one of the most beautiful buildings in town. We'd been peaking in over the fence trying to get a shot of the white grand piano, not realizing that we could walk in the front door and stand next to it for free. (It looked just as elegant up close!).


After subcoming to the heat and turning towards home, the weather matched our feelings and the skies started to open up. We made it just in time, and cooled down our room by opening our Juliet balcony to let the stormy breeze in. With it came some rain, unfortunately, but we appreciated the slight temperature drop all the same.

We attempted to stream the pairs short program, and laughed hysterically over the announcers' obsession with American snowboarder Shaun White. The personal disappointed was audible in their betrayed cries as he fell onto the halfpipe. We finally admitted that we weren't going to find any recaps of different events starring Canadians, and headed to bed.

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