Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Adventure Begins!

Everything is packed, or at the
very least, in one place.
Boarding a 16 hour plan flight, 8.5 hours late, with a fever, and surrounded by uncountable screaming children... Best flight of our lives? Surprisingly yes! All thanks to Erin remembering to ask for exit row, and those screaming kids you ask? Well, when you have one of your own you don't mind them as much.

We found ourselves looking after a 5 month old boy as a result of a nifty crib contraption that can be attached to the wall infront of exit rows. The baby's mother retreated four rows for the duration of the flight in order to save her husband from their screaming toddler. Luckily the boy was somehow able to sleep for 13 hours in the plane and only a few times did we worry that we would be forced into heroic action to catch him as he managed to escape the shockingly low wall of the crib.

We have arrived safely now in Ethiopia. Although it was hard to say goodbye to so many great friends and loved ones and we will miss you all, we hope that through this blog we can stay in contact and the distance will seem less.
View from our hotel room.

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