Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Japan Days 26 & 27: Hello From Tomorrow

Our good luck nearly lasted to the end of the trip. We got just over a day of stunning Fuji views from our Hakone residence before it slipped behind a thick curtain of clouds and didn't show its face again. We departed a little disappointed on our last full day in Japan, but this made us appreciate the fact that we'd had one good day of viewing all the more.

In an effort to avoid Tokyo traffic (as its airport is actually quite far outside of the city), we wove our way around the metropolis and enjoyed a lunchtime stop in Yokohama. This romantic city sits right on the ocean and is known for its boardwalk, Ferris wheel, and nighttime lights. It's been a featured spot more than once on Terrace House (if we haven't convinced you yet, you should seriously watch this show!) as a place where many Japanese couples become "official." (There is quite a different and interesting dating culture here from our Western views that's worth learning more about).

We strolled the shoreline and enjoyed the colourful flower gardens that looked ready to fully burst with blooms within a couple of weeks. Baby chased pigeons, watched the boats go by, and climbed benches. We marveled at the huge bridge that leads out of the city, then hopped in our car to take it. Even more impressive (and slightly daunting) was the 24km long Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line that came next. It took us from the edge of land, underwater, out the other end in the middle of the bay, and up onto another humongous bridge.

We sailed into Narita just after 3 pm and settled in for the night at a quaint guesthouse surrounded by rice paddies and hillsides covered in bamboo. With mixed emotions, we organized our bags and prepared for our long journey the next day.

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