Sunday, July 7, 2024

Costa Rica & Texas Day 19: Austin

We flew in to Austin, Texas in the evening. We had a little two-floor loft-style bachelor pad rental. We had some delicious take out and headed to bed quickly. 

In the morning, we packed up all our stuff and had a couple of hours to wander Austin before our flight out. We really liked the feel of the place. Despite the chilly weather (3 degrees), there were patios open for breakfast and a funky music vibe. We hopped on a bus and easily navigated our way to the city centre.

 We had grabbed coffee and pastries at 1886 Cafe and got a taste for Texas portions at Voodoo Doughnuts. Before long, we were headed to the airport by bus. Austin prooved to be a great stepping stone to help us acclimatize. We were experiencing an 85 degree drop in weather between Liberia (35 degrees) and Calgary (-49 degrees)!

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