Monday, August 21, 2023

Portugal Days 20 & 21: Squishing and Swimming Around Terceira

We rose on our second to last day in the Azores to a light rain and mist. We climbed into our car and drove back to the Gruto do Natal parking lot. Here, there is also the trailhead for the 5 km loop around the Misterios Negros: the black lava mountains. 

The trail started off simple and wide. We quickly entered some tall grass, then a forest. The scenery changed often and the path was fun and adventurous with planks to walk on, then large tree stumps, as well as some bridges to cross. After that, it turned to just mud, mud, mud. We slipped and squished our way along the trail until we saw the 1.5 km marker. We realized that it had taken us a very long time to travel that far due to the wet conditions so we made the hard decision to turn around and not make it to the black lava mountains.

Feeling a little hungry and grumpy from our "failed" hike, we headed onwards to the Biscoitos natural swimming pools. The breathtaking coastline and unique swimming spot did wonders to improve our moods. It was just so cool to climb in to the volcanic landscape from a pool ladder, let the current take us along while we looked at fish, then climb out at the other side and walk back to do it all again. Craig and F had bought snorkle equipment so they could better see the fish; Erin used her goggles. We all had a great time at this iconic Terceira spot! 

We finished off our trip with another relaxing day at the beach and one final photo opp at the Angra sign. :) We were leaving for home rejuvenated after a wonderful family trip.

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