Thursday, August 17, 2023

Portugal Days 17 & 18: Arriving in the Azores

The Azores: An autonomous region of Portugal. A volcanic archipelago. A web of hardened lava rising up from the middle of the Atlantic. A legend of lost treasure. The lost city of Atlantis. A great escape from anywhere we'd ever set foot before. 

Our five days in the Azores were relaxing. We were pleasantly surprised by the easy access we had to the water, the plentiful wildlife viewing opportunities (fish, lizards, birds), and even the sandy beach. 

Our accomodation in Angra do Heroismo on Terceira Island (the third island discovered, hence named "the third") boasted a goregous view of the Atlantic Ocean, particularly at sunset. Just across the street from our place there was a little swimming spot that had been built with steps leading down right into the Atlantic.

Adventure Girl continued to grow in her confidence and ability in the water. Angra had a lovely sand beach that was hardly busy, and included F's favourite spot: a floating dock. It was just a 20 min walk from our place through the colourful streets of Angra. 

We were all proud when F swam out to the dock by herself, unassisted by us or a flotation device, and subsequently climbed and jumped off of it independently. We had so much fun as a family taking turns doing different jumps and dives.

We felt relaxed and ready for our retun home. There were just a few more adventures left to be had exploring the island...

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