Thursday, July 27, 2023

Spain Days 2-9: San Sebastian

Up at 4 am, battling the disoriented "pulling an all nighter" + jet lag feeling, we made our way back to the dreaded Barcelona airport. Thankfully, our journey went much more smoothly than our arrival the day before. The domestic terminal was efficient and comfortable, and within a few hours we were in northern Spain in the delightful town of Donostia San Sebastian. 

San Sebastian was what our family needed. Our apartement was comfortable, with enough space for us to spread out and settle in, complete with a little Harry Potter broom closet bedroom for F! (That she chose for her room). We were walking distance from two different beaches ("swim beach" and "surf beach"), and the food was outstanding. The week there was fuel for both our bodies and souls.

We fell into a comfortable routine of sleeping in (for those who know F, yes, gasp!), breakfasting at home, doing a quick beach check for flags (red - no go, yellow - caution, green - swimming!, or the dreaded jellyfish flag). Then we'd hit the beach, have a late patio lunch, siesta, then head back to the beach and dinner at home. 

Noooo! Hoy hay medusas!!!

Adventure Girl loved the beach. There was lots of delight in playing in the sand - building castles, getting burried, digging holes, and creating taxis and bakeries for imaginative play. In the water, she learned how to body surf, boogie board, and dive through oncoming waves. Faced with waves twice the size of her, she reacted with excitement rather than fear. Getting knocked around or even flipped head-over-heels, didn't slow her down or dampen her enthusiasm.

We were beyond thrilled to discover a lactose-free popsicle stand that we visited every subsequent day. You got to choose your popsicle base, then your dip flavour, then add on your topping. Pure deliciousness! We're willing to support anyone looking to branch out Loco Polo internationally!!!

Twice we climbed up the hill, Mount Urgull, in the Old Town. Once, to the statue at the top and once to have a drink and a snack at the bar overlooking the Bahia de la Concha (swim beach). We also leisured through the old town in early morning rain to check out the architecture and meander through alleyways. 

For Adventure Girl's take on San Sebastian, click her Blog Page on the right-hand side bar or the link below:

:)  (Also...ummm... how cute it is that she wanted to blog herself?!?!  Very proud parents, here!!!)

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