Friday, June 23, 2017

NZ/Aus Days 53-60: Sydney

The week that followed was full of much lounging around and catching up with our great friends Kristen and John. We were thankful to have enough time in Sydney to casually see bits of the city while still enjoying lots of card playing, beach crawls, and time with Baby. We loved both the bustle, energy, and food of Newtown, and the chilled-out seaside vibe of Coogee.

We made sure to get down to the Sydney Harbour more than once to appreciate views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. For a sight so iconic to Australia, we weren't sure it would hold up to the images in our minds. But the Opera House exceeded both of our expectations in its size, unique architecture, and accessibility. We had drinks at the Opera House bar, took a quick look around the inside, and walked its perimeter.

Another highlight was taking a boat from Watson's Bay to the harbour so we could appreciate the Opera House and bridge from a different viewpoint. We'd highly recommend this for anyone visiting Sydney.

On our last day of our two-month-plus trip, the four of us visited the Blue Mountains, and, of course, finished the day off with lots of laughs, some great wine, a match of Wha-bam, and some sad good-bye tears. XOXO

Day 60 seemed to go on forever, and with good reason. We left Sydney at 10:30 am and had a very long 13 hour flight where Baby refused to go in the bassinet. We transferred through San Fran, departing for Calgary before we had technically left Sydney: 8:45 am on the same day. A rough couple of weeks followed as the three of us adjusted to the 8 hour time difference, significant increase in daylight hours, and re-taught Baby how to sleep independently again. But it was all worth it for the amazing memories we created together on our first-ever family travel adventure.

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