Monday, June 2, 2014

Days 306-315: Popoyo Pacific

After ten glorious days on Little Corn Island, we took an interesting "ferry transfer" back to Big Corn. Blanketed by a plastic sheet to help impede the pounding rain, we felt just like sardines squished into a tin can. From there, a flight back to the mainland, followed by a long taxi ride, took us to our hostel, and the Pacific side of the country. A quick glance at "Melting Elephant" ensured us this would be nothing close to ordinary. Its Flinstonesque vibe seemed fun until we had a look inside our Water Tower room. A tiny window was the only thing to let in a breeze, so we were forced to pay the extra for air conditioning. The poorly outfitted room was upgraded by the king-sized bed, so we figured we wouldn't be too hard done by for our remaining ten days.

The week and a half consisted of apartment searching, wedding planning, job applications, and a few swims a day in the rough waves. Popoyo Beach is surfer paradise, so we saw lots of tricks and lots of wipe-outs. Our favourite time of day was sunset, when the water came in close, and the breeze strengthened.

Unable to avoid spending a night in Managua, we hitched a ride back to the capital city with the hostel owner. We spent our last afternoon working further on our many return-to-home tasks. Our emotions exhausted from it being the last night of the trip, we focused as best we could, and headed to bed early to get in a few hours sleep before our early flight back to Canada.

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