Friday, December 29, 2023

Costa Rica Days 2-5: Playa Conchal

If you've read our first Costa Rica entry, then you know that we arrived in the dark. When the sun rose the next morning, we were able to see just how lucky we were. We'd been given a unit on the top floor of a small apartment building perched overlooking the forest. In the distance, we could see the ocean, and our ears quickly filled with the singing of tropical birds and the deep grunts of nearby howler monkeys. 

A 15 minute walk down the dirt road brought us to a sandy beach. We were pleased that it seemed mostly to be filled with locals and as a result we've already used more Spanish than we did over two weeks in Spain. The water was warm and the ocean floor sandy, and there were gentle waves perfect for leisurely splashing in.

There was also a pool on the grounds of our hotel with a large deep end and sweeping views of the surrounding forest and hills. A restaurant helped us get through our first full day before we could venture back out on the bumpy roads to secure some groceries. 

F working on her dives!

Craig and Erin realized that it had been a long time since we'd ventured to Central America, or anywhere of the like. We'd been to Costa Rica, specifically, for Christmas 13 years ago, but since the arrival of Adventure Girl, travel hadn't included somewhere quite this adventurous. 

F got her first glimpse of a very different way of life than ours in Canada and is so far handling the change well. This includes things like cold showers, frequent power outages, rundown public bathrooms without toilet paper, etc, and seeing people's homes that look very different from ours. She seems to be understanding some of the benefits of a life different from what she sees in Canada as well as appreciating what she has. 

It is with great pleasure that we also announce that Adventure Girl has shown a keen interest in continuing her own travel blog (she wrote her first post before we even did!). Her first piece is up on her own page at:

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