Sunday, October 28, 2018

Quebec City

We had little in the way of goals for our three days in Quebec City other than to wander and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. We strolled the streets, lingered over delicious French meals, and lounged in parks while Baby played. Each day had an outing with purpose and one without, and below are our highlights.

Les Chutes Montmorency
Erin had visited the falls on a few occasions, but never with the opportunity to climb up to the top. This worked well as a goal this time around because the easiest way to get there on public transportation was a direct bus to the subdivision just upstream from the falls. An easy walk through a park brought us to its summit, and we were able to enjoy viewpoints beside the falls, as well as the bridge across the top, all easily with Baby in the stroller. There was even a playground right beside the top of the falls where Baby could play. Time constraints stopped us from riding the gondola and walking around to the base of the falls as planned, but it was nevertheless an enjoyable outing.

This babe has no fear!
The Quebec City-Levis Ferry & Rue du Petit-Champlain
Someone was pretty stoked about the ferry ride
a.k.a. "water train...choo choo!"
Craig hoped to get the iconic water view of Quebec but we hesitated to spend the time and money on a boat tour. Instead, we crossed the river on the ferry, which provided similar views for a fraction of the time and price. The moody skies highlighted the hills in the distance, and made the gorgeous Chateau Frontenac look all the more impressive.

On our walk down to the docks, we loved having Rue du Petit-Champlain to ourselves. Most of the shops and restaurants were still closed up tight and the early morning quietness was intoxicating. Baby showed off her skills climbing down stairs, and we took the Funicular back up, another first for Erin.

La Grande Allée
No visit to Quebec is complete without walking La Grande Allée. The city was in the midst of setting up for its St Jean Baptiste celebrations, so the best section was closed to traffic and we were able to fully enjoy the tree-lined street with gorgeous stone walk-ups, and festive atmosphere. (Baby's favourite part was watching the horse and carriage rides clip-clop past us).

We bid Quebec goodbye with happy hearts and full bellies and look forward to our next chance to visit in the future!

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